YOU are my reason to be thankful



Dear Harvard College Students,

I am eternally grateful to be on this journey with you and as the long weekend approaches, I am reflecting on the importance of taking the time to appreciate what we have. I recently lost a cherished family member whose passing has left me thinking about how, even in difficult times, life is a profound gift.

During this challenging moment when so many are holding pain and fear, my mind still inclines toward hope. In recent weeks, I have been inspired by our community's courage and resilience. I have seen our community engage in difficult conversations. I have been part of conversations where students asked questions, listened intently, and considered each other's perspectives. And every day, I have witnessed acts of kindness and moments of joy, even in these times. Seeing you all rise to every new day's challenges makes me hopeful that we, as a community, can create a better future.

I hope this recess provides you space to reset, and I hope you can spend this time surrounded by chosen and given family. Whatever the future holds, we will tackle it together.

Semper veritas,
Rakesh Khurana  
Danoff Dean of Harvard College