We are committed to ensuring all admitted students have the opportunity to attend Harvard, regardless of the economic obstacles they have encountered. We launched the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI) in 2004 to enhance this effort and to raise awareness of college affordability for students interested in all kinds of colleges and universities.

Our student coordinators are eager to discuss student life, the basics of financial aid policy, and the specifics of the Harvard application. Contact HFAI to hear about their experiences at Harvard.

Student Group: HFAI

  • Maha Class of '25

    Hi friends! My name is Maha and I am a Pakistani-American Muslim from Chicago, Illinois. I’m a current sophomore in Leverett house and am doing a double concentration in History of Science and Social Anthropology with a secondary in AFVS (Art, Film, Visual Studies) on the pre-medical track.

    Maha Zaidi
  • Merlin Class of '25

    Hello! My name is Merlin D'souza. I am a sophomore studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology on the pre-med track.

    Merlin D'souza
  • Trinh Class of '25

    Hello everyone! I'm Trinh, a sophomore in Kirkland House, concentrating in Neuroscience with a secondary in Computer Science, and a citation in Spanish.

    Trinh Nguyen
  • David Class of '25

    Hello everyone! My name is David Johnson Aboge and I am a sophomore in Adams House from Kisumu, a city by Lake Victoria in Kenya. I intend to concentrate in Applied Mathematics, with a secondary in Global Health & Health Policy, and earn a language citation in Arabic.

    Photo of David Johnson Aboge
  • Maryam Class of '25

    Hey y'all! My name is Maryam and I'm a sophomore living in Mather House. I'm interested in studying Government and Global Health on the Pre-Med track, with a citation in Arabic. I'm a first-generation, low-income student originally from Raleigh, North Carolina!

    Maryam Guerrab, HFAI Coordinator
  • Inno Class of '25

    Kamwene! My name is Innocent (Inno), and I am a first-year student at Harvard College thinking of concentrating in Mathematics, or Computer Science, or both! I hail from Iringa, Tanzania, where I grew up in a village called Ilula, lying south of the Great Ruaha River. What I wrote up there in italics is my Kihehe (native language) salutation translating to "Greetings!".

    Innocent, HFAI Coordinator


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