Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program


Find Rich Cultural Communities and Opportunities

While Harvard is renowned for its academic excellence, we strongly believe that one of our greatest strengths is our incredibly diverse campus community.

The Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program (UMRP) focuses on providing information about our diverse campus community and the Harvard College application process to minority middle and high school students.


The UMRP is sponsored by the Admissions Office and is staffed by current undergraduates. Get in touch with our student coordinators to learn more about the application process and life as an undergraduate student. Ask us about extracurricular activities, cultural groups, research and academic opportunities, or anything else.

UMRP Fall 2023


The UMRP at Harvard College is not directly involved in the admissions process or any decisions concerning the acceptance of prospective students.

Student Group: UMRP

  • Secquoia Class of '27

    Hi everyone! My name is Secquoia, and I am a first year at Harvard College planning on concentrating in Chemistry with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights (Native American and Indigenous Studies).

    Secquoia, UMRP Coordinator
  • Tioluwalase (Lase) Class of '26

    Hey everyone! My name is Tioluwalase (Lase for short), and I am a sophomore residing in Winthrop House. I was born in Nigeria and moved to Illinois in 2013.

    Lase, UMRP Coordinator
  • Kevin Class of '24

    Hi everyone! My name is Kevin, and I am a senior in Lowell House studying Government with a secondary in Computer Science. I’m from a town in South Florida.

    Kevin, UMRP Coordinator
  • Jane Class of '27

    Hi everyone! My name is Jane and I’m from California. I’m a first year currently living in Wigglesworth and I plan to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in Economics.

    Jane, UMRP Coordinator
  • Abbeny Class of '25

    Hi! My name is Abbeny, and I’m a junior in Winthrop studying History & Literature and Sociology with a Spanish citation.

    Abbeny, UMRP Coordinator
  • Isabella Class of '24

    Hello! My name is Isabella. I am a senior in Adams House, but I am originally from California. I’m concentrating in English with a secondary in Psychology so feel free to ask me any questions about exploring two (seemingly) different fields of study! 

    Isabella Madrigal
  • Gloria Class of '24

    Hello! My name is Gloria. I am a fourth year living in Winthrop house. I am studying Government and Romance Languages with an emphasis on Spanish Literature. 

    Gloria, UMRP Coordinator
  • Angelica Class of '24

    Hi there! My name is Angelica and I’m a Senior in Eliot House. I’m concentrating in Neurobiology with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. I am also on a premedical track.

    Angelica, UMRP Coordinator
  • Nia Class of '24

    Hi y’all! My name is Nia, and I am a senior in Cabot House concentrating in Government with a secondary (aka minor) in Economics.

    Nia Burch
  • Imaan Mirza Class of '25

    Hi friends! My name is Imaan (she/her), and I'm a third-year living in Mather House studying History & Literature. My family is from Lahore, Pakistan, but I grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I now call Indiana home. 

    Imaan Mirza
  • Emily Class of '24

    Hey everyone! My name is Emily and I am concentrating in Earth and Planetary sciences. I’m passionate about researching in the field and getting my hands dirty for science.

    Emily Launderville
  • Artha Class of '24

    Hey, y’all! My name is Artha and I am a senior from Florida. I study Government and Global Health/Health Policy at the College.

    College student, Artha


Do you have a question about multicultural diversity and community at Harvard? Fill out this form to contact a current Harvard College student. Our coordinators are here to help answer questions about our diverse campus community and the application process, and will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You can also join our mailing list to request more information about Harvard College.


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