Ally Scharmann

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Southwick, MA




Social Studies


Hello! My name is Ally Scharmann and I’m a sophomore from Western Massachusetts living in Winthrop House. I plan to concentrate in Social Studies with a secondary in History of Art and Architecture and I’m involved with a variety of activities on campus. I’m a Staff Writer for the Arts section of The Harvard Crimson, a role that allows me to cover different arts-related events in and around campus, including last year’s Boston Calling Music Festival! I also volunteer at the Small Claims Advisory Service where I help provide people with legal information, and I’m the Secretary of Harvard Primus. While my hometown isn’t too far from Cambridge, my high school had never sent a student to Harvard before. As a first-gen college student, even though my parents encouraged me to go to college, they didn’t quite know how to help me get there. For these reasons I’m passionate about making the college admissions process easier to navigate, so please reach out to me with any questions you have about the application process, being a first-generation college student, or Harvard in general!