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Gloria Maldonado

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Lyons, Illinois


Latinas Unidas and Act on a Dream


Social Studies and Romance Languages and Literature


Hello! My name is Gloria. I am a sophomore living in Winthrop house. I am studying Social Studies and Romance Languages with an emphasis on Spanish Literature. I grew up on the outskirts of Chicago, embracing my Latine heritage and community organizing. I have a passion for public policy and have found my place through interacting with various student organizations. On campus, I serve on the board of Latinas Unidas, Harvard’s Latine organization for women empowerment, Act on a Dream, Harvard's immigrant rights group, and I am a Coordinator for the Harvard Admissions Office in the Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program. Outside of school, I love exploring the Boston area with my friends searching for scenic views and good eats. The college application process was challenging for me having grown up first-generation and low-income. Therefore, I am eager to help in any way possible. Feel free to reach out!