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Ana, HFGP Coordinator

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RAZA, The Harvard Foundation, Latine communities




Hi y'all! My name is Ana, and I am a junior in Leverett House studying Sociology, with a minor in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. I was raised in a border city in Mexico and then moved to South Texas, where I lived for the last ten years. At Harvard, I work with the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations, am a board member for our Mexican-American student group on campus (RAZA), and spend a lot of time with organizations that support first-gen students. As a first-generation low-income (FGLI) student, I am happy to have found a home filled with uplifting communities. With that said, I also understand how daunting and unfamiliar the application process can seem. If you find that you have questions, reach out to us at HFGP; we are a resource to help you navigate the process of learning about and applying to college. I look forward to hearing from you!