How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount and loan type you can request/receive is determined by your class year. student contribution amount, and whether you are receiving need-based Harvard grant aid.

How Much Can I Request?

Loan Type Comparison

  Harvard Student Loan Federal Direct Stafford Loan
First-Year Max Request $4,600 $5,500
Sophomore  Max Request $5,900 $6,500
Junior/Senior Max Request $6,100 $7,500
Interest Rate 4.00% 4.53%
Origination Fee N/A 1.059%
Repayment Term 10 years 10 years with extended options based on income, loan balance
Repayment Starts 6 months after you drop below half-time enrollment 6 months after you drop below half-time enrollment

Only available to Harvard Grant recipients

Maximum amount equal to student contribution less outside awards

Open to all U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, and eligible noncitizens

Valid FAFSA required

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