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Residential Life

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Spaces for Living—and Learning

Harvard’s housing combines vibrant intellectual engagement and rich cultural and social experience with a welcoming, inclusive community life.

Our Houses and freshman dormitories bring together people from all over the world. Your roommate could be an archaeology student from Missouri, a future engineer from Kenya, or anyone in between. More than living spaces, campus residences are learning communities. Faculty and graduate students guide you through your curriculum, deans provide academic and personal advice, and tutors offer pre-professional advising and academic support.

Making friends is easy over meals shared in our elegant but convivial dining halls. Organized activities within your freshman entryway and upperclass House—including intramural sports, informal study breaks, and social gatherings—continually broaden your circle of friendship and connection.

Life in the Yard

As a first-year student, you will live in a freshman residence featuring shared suites, located within or adjacent to historic Harvard Yard. Enjoy the companionship of suitemates, meals in the freshman dining hall, and activities designed specifically for freshmen. Learn more about first-year residential life.

The Harvard Houses

Harvard’s 12 iconic Houses are the foundation of your upperclass experience. Home to countless traditions and multi-textured learning opportunities, they create a close-knit, spirited community. A thirteenth House accommodates non-resident students and graduate students. Find out how the upperclass Housing system works.