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Scholarships and Grants from Outside Harvard

Like many of our students, you may receive scholarship funds from sources outside Harvard, such as secondary schools, civic organizations, your parental employers, corporations, the National Merit Scholarship Programs, the G.I. Bill, and the ROTC.

Since the intent of these awards is that they be used for educational purposes, you must report them to Harvard and apply them toward your college expenses. We will consider your outside awards as a part of your overall financial aid funding.

Funds from outside awards are incorporated into your financial aid package in three steps:

  • First to replace term-time job expectation.
  • Next to replace summer earnings expectation.
  • If you have outside awards that exceed your term-time & summer work expectation, the remaining amount would replace an equal amount of Harvard scholarship.

Since outside awards are additional resources that reduce your financial need, they cannot be used to replace your parent contribution.

Report your outside awards through the Outside Awards Reporting System. Find where to send checks and Verification of Enrollment forms on our website.

Find Outside Awards

Use these resources to find and filter outside award opportunities:

  • Search private scholarships, find those that match your criteria, and send a personalized letter with your information to scholarship sponsors.
  • Fastweb!: Create a personalized profile that can be matched against a database of more than 1.5 million scholarships totaling more than $3.4 billion, and get notifications of new scholarships and approaching deadlines.
  • Search scholarships from nearly 3,000 sources, potentially worth up to $3 billion.
  • Search for scholarships and grants from many different sources, and find information on both federal and private financial aid sources.
  • UNIGO: Find scholarships that match your hobbies, interests, and academic background in a database of 3.6 million awards worth over $14 billion. Gain tips on finding and applying for scholarships and download scholarship applications.
  • SchoolSoup Scholarship Directory: Search for scholarships by a variety of key categories using SchoolSoup’s free scholarship matching platform.
  • Scholarship Search by SallieMae: Access more than 5 million awards worth over $24 billion and get notifications when new scholarships become available.

Dedicated to Affordability

Families with incomes between $65,000 and $150,000 will typically contribute from 0-10% of their income.


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