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Claire Class of '21 Alumni
Authored on July 23, 2020


This past week the course catalog came out for this year, and to say the least, I didn’t know where to start.

For the past 3 years, the classes I needed to take have been pretty clearly mapped out for me – between the premed requirements, my concentration requirements, my secondary, and the GenEd requirements, my course load didn’t have a lot of wiggle room. This year however, I have only 4 requirements left, with roughly 8 course slots to fill – this is huge! Even within the requirements I have left, they’re more open ended (think "take one of these many classes that will fulfill it" instead of "take this very specific class"), so I have more choices to make than ever before when it comes to what my schedule will be.


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This is both really exciting, and absolutely terrifying! Coming from someone who has kept a running list of what classes I planned to take and when since freshman year, maybe a little more terrifying. I always start with what I know I need to take, so I’ve decided that I’ll probably finish out 3 of my 4 requirements for the year this semester. Of course, within that, there’s still a lot left to decide – luckily I can spend hours, and yes, I do mean HOURS, browsing the course catalog. I love reading about courses and looking at everything from their description, to the reviews in the Q guide, to any past syllabi I can get my hands on. Now especially, with less guidelines, I easily sunk the better part of 2 days this past week just looking at and thinking about classes I might want to take.

Of course, these efforts have paid off - for anyone wondering, I’m most likely taking a Neuro class on fMRI imaging, an English seminar on racially related court cases in US history, a GenEd ethics course on medicine during times of conflict, and one more class that I still have no clue what it’ll be. I’m definitely trying to use my last 2 semesters to branch out and take some courses I either wouldn’t otherwise or just that I won’t have the chance to explore once I leave college. Because of this, I’m considering taking something kind of out my comfort zone but still within my interests – maybe a HAA (History of Art and Architecture) course, or photography, or a few other options.

Either way, I’m excited to see what the (virtual) semester will hold. Stay tuned for an update on what classes I actually end up taking!


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Claire Class of '21 Alumni

Portrait of Claire