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Authored on April 22, 2022


Eliot House is one of the twelve residential houses for upperclassmen on Harvard’s campus. Named after Charles William Eliot, Harvard University President from 1896-1909, Eliot house first opened its doors to students in 1931. Charles William Eliot’s presidency was instrumental to the Harvard community we have today, and Eliot house is an appropriate testimony of that fact. What makes Eliot House really unique are the many special facilities that Eliot students and even student organizations are able to access through the house. 

Eliot House Library

While almost every residential house on campus has its own library, the beauty and coziness of the Eliot House Library can rival that of any other library on campus. Further, the library overlooks the Charles river and Harvard boathouses. This silent library gives Eliot students a formal, structured study space in the comfort of their home. During the winter nights when it’s too cold to leave your room for a library across campus, the Eliot library is the perfect place to go. 

Wide shot of a library showing stacks of books and seating
Private library room with a table, lamps, and walls of book shelves

Eliot Grille

The Eliot Grille is one of the best hangout spots in Eliot and on campus as a whole. The checkered floors, flame-adorned walls, and fire-red booths give it the feel of a retro diner. During the day, many students come here with friends to study, play pool, or watch TV, and late at night, the kitchen opens. Student workers serve milkshakes, french fries, chicken tenders and more! What makes the grille great is that students can use BoardPlus, a $65 credit that Harvard gives every student at the beginning of each semester to be used at Harvard food facilities, at the grille. 

A 90's inspired diner with a pool table and kitchen
A sign that reads "inferno"

Eliot House Art Studio

The Eliot House Art Studio is a great haven in the house for students with all levels of artistic abilities. The studio is stocked with all of the art supplies one might need: paint, markers, pencils, paper, an easel and more! If students are interested, the house even hosts art classes for free!

A table with drawings on top and 3 easels in the background

The Golden Arm

The Golden Arm is Eliot’s private movie theater. With Eliot branded theater chairs and movie posters along the walls, being in the Golden Arm feels like a true movie theater experience. In the past, Eliot house has had a film club that met every week to watch a movie that the whole house got to vote on. The House Committee gave grant money to the club in order to provide snacks and beverages for the screening. A movie just isn’t the same without popcorn! Although the movie club dissolved, the House Committee continues to host regular movie screenings in the Golden Arm. 

Movie theatre like chairs with the Eliot House insignia

Eliot House Dark Room

The professional-grade dark room in Eliot allows students to practice their film photography skills. Formerly home to the Harvard Photography Club, the Eliot’s dark room has traditionally been open to students outside of the house! Sadly, the Harvard Photography Club is no longer running, so the dark room is laying in wait for regular student use again!

Dark room equipment

These 5 amazing facilities do not even cover all that Eliot House has to offer. Eliot also has a gym, a computer room, a dance studio, a TV room, and a Wood Shop! My advice to all students is to either win the lottery and get placed in Eliot House or make some new friends in Eliot House to truly experience all it has to offer!



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