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Samia Afrose Class of '25
Authored on July 06, 2023


As the beginning of the new school year gets closer, the opportunities to go out and eat food in Harvard Square increase. Although some food places in Harvard Square closed, it left room for new ones to enter, providing students with chances to expand their taste buds and more places to catch up with friends, have a late-night treat, and celebrate special occasions! I present eight new food spots that have opened in the past year or are opening soon.

  1. Bluestone Lane
Banana bread from Bluestone Lane

@bluestonelane | Instagram

My favorite meal of the day is brunch. It does not get better than having the perfect balance of filling sweet and savory options. If you are looking for an aesthetic, minimalist setting with Instagrammable dishes, then Bluestone Lane is your place. Their banana bread and lemon ricotta pancakes are covered in bright flowers and fruit, and their breakfast bowls and avocado toast are flavored with fresh herbs and sauces. 

  1. Friendly Toast 
Churro bites, breakfast egg rolls, and tater tots from the Friendly Toast

@_thefriendlytoast | Instagram

There is no need to go to Boston anymore to eat at the very popular Friendly Toast because there is one opening up very soon right in Harvard Square. It is quite hard to pass up on all-day brunch. They have so many options you may catch yourself going quite a few times to try a different dish.

  1. Cava
Falafel bowl from Cava

@cava | Instagram

If you are in the mood for something hearty and healthy, be sure to stop by Cava, a healthy, casual Mediterranean restaurant where you can customize your bowls, salads, and wraps to your liking. You can enjoy this filling meal while getting a clear view of the outdoors through their clear exterior walls facing the streets of Harvard Square.

  1. Wusong Road
Banh Mi and Pineapple Bao from Wusong Road

@wusongroad | Instagram

You are in for quite the experience at Wusong Road, with its unique interior and delicious Asian American dishes. If you are lucky, you may be able to witness cultural performances such as Polynesian dancing.

  1. Madras Dosa Company
Chaat from Madras Dosa Co.

@madrasdosaco | Instagram

Planning on a long night studying or out with friends? You will always find students in El Jefes, Felipes, and Falafel Corner. But, if you are in the mood to try something new be sure to stop by Madras Dosa Company for South Indian Dosas. They also serve a variety of chaats, sandwiches, and desserts! The best part is, it is open until 3 am, which is great for late-night cravings!

  1. Gong Cha, Tiger Sugar, and Moge Tee
Beverage from Moge Tee

@mogetee | Instagram

If you love boba then you’re in for a treat. There are many Boba places in Harvard Square such as the newly opened ones Gong Cha, Tiger Sugar, Moge Tee, and also Kung Fu Tea. This means many more flavors to try and a guarantee to have a favorite boba tea spot!

  1. Taiyaki NYC x The Dough Club
Mochi Donut from the Dough Club and Soft Serve from Taiyaki NYC

@thedoughclub | Instagram

Of course, we have to have the best part for last - dessert. There is a wide variety of dessert options on campus. Two of them being donuts and ice cream. However, these are not just regular donuts and ice cream. The donuts are specifically mochi donuts where the texture mimics that of a mochi. They have unique flavors including yuzu, ube, and strawberry funnel. If this seems of interest to you, you should check out The Dough Club.

If you are in the mood for something cold, then you are in luck! Taiyaki NYC is in the same place. This dessert place has soft-serve ice cream in fish-shaped taiyaki waffles. You may see many people posting this pretty, vibrant dessert on social media.

  1. Union Square Donuts
Donuts from Union Square Donuts

@unionsquaredonuts | Instagram

Despite its name, Union Square Donuts is not only found in Union Square. There will be one opening up near Starbucks, where they serve seasonal donuts including blackberry basil lime, blueberry coffee cake, and pineapple upside down, so be sure to be on the lookout for that!

As we can see there are already so many unique new spots to try. Living near Harvard Square is quite a flavorful experience and always exciting to try fresh foods

Samia Afrose Class of '25

Hi! My name is Samia Afrose.