South Asian Restaurants in the Greater Boston Area

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Samia Afrose Class of '25
Authored on June 06, 2024


What is a better way of getting a taste of South Asian culture than through its food? I will be sharing some of my favorite South Asian restaurants in the Greater Boston area.

1. Hot Chix Halal

Hot Chix Halal has authentic Bangladeshi food from morgi mangsho (chicken curry) to guru mangsho (beef curry), daal, and more. The Bengali Association of Students at Harvard caters Bangladeshi food from here fairly often to provide students with a taste of Bangladeshi cuisine.

2. Chulo Restaurant

Thali from Chulo Restaurant

I recently discovered my love for Nepali food when I visited Chulo restaurant for the first time with some of my Nepali friends. I typically order a thali, which is a round platter used to serve a variety of Nepali dishes including rice, papad, chutney, dal, goat curry, and more. I also highly suggest getting their spicy momos!

3. Man-O-Salwa

As a student at Harvard going to various Harvard South Asian events you will oftentimes find biryani served from Man-O-Salwa. There is a lot of flavor and the perfect amount of spice. 

4. Punjab Express

Food from Punjab Express

Punjab Express is a great spot to get a warm cup of cha and chat with friends late in the evening. The environment is comforting and the staff are very friendly. 

5. Boston Baburchi

Boston Baburchi is a small student-owned business where graduate students are busy studying during the day and making delicious food at night. Their appetizers are delicious. My personal favorites are the samosas and piaju.


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Samia Afrose Class of '25

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