The Student Organization Center at Hilles (SOCH)

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Christine Class of '24
Authored on September 29, 2022


“Being in the courtyard surrounded by these glass windows, looking up at the front door with like the wooden stairs on the inside. It's a really nice view, to me it's one of the nicer views on this campus. Especially in the evening, when the lights are on inside the SOCH and the stairs are illuminated. Looking at it from the outside, there's some cool moments there.” - JR Bagley

The Radcliffe Quadrangle is home to three residential houses: Cabot, Currier, and Pforzheimer. The fourth building of the quadrangle may not house students, but it serves a role just as important. The Student Organization Center at Hilles, more commonly known as the SOCH, completes the quad and serves students in a plethora of ways.

Harvard is rich with history and the SOCH is no exception. Built in 1965 the SOCH was originally known as the Hilles library, the library of Radcliffe College. And much like Radcliffe College, the library has transitioned over time. The library was converted into a student center in 2006, and ever since then it’s played a major part in the extracurricular lives of Harvard’s students.

The SOCH provides Harvard students with a hub for social interaction and community building. Walking into the building you’re greeted by a spacious student lounge with event space to both your right and left. If you venture further into the SOCH and visit the second and third floors, you’ll find hallways lined with the offices of the many student organizations representing the college.

Cinema in the SOCH taken from the stage.

Walking through the SOCH with JonRobert Bagley, the associate director of student organizations and resources, the building's versatility is immediately visible. In the lounge, student groups can be seen hosting their weekly leadership meetings and to the left students prepare for their final exams. Beyond club meetings and study sessions, the SOCH also plays host to dozens of movie nights every year in its cinema located on the ground floor. 

The SOCH is an incredible building with much to offer, and if you’re looking for a place to study or meet it’s definitely worth a visit.

Christine Class of '24

Hi everyone! My name is Christine Maina and I am second-year student living originally from Burnsville, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis). I am concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Government, and live in Winthrop House.

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