How to Snack Your Way Through the Semester

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College student, Julius
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Authored on October 18, 2019


Let’s look at the five ways students at Harvard get their snack fixes...

We’ve reached the point in the semester when classes are reaching their fever peaks, empty seats in the libraries are increasingly hard to find, and stress levels on campus are running high! During this intense period, snacks are the key to maintaining your sanity.

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  1. Study Breaks: All students at Harvard have regular events called study breaks - organized by either Tutors or Proctors (equivalent of RA’s, or Resident Advisors). Study Breaks are usually hosted in your dorm (if you’re a first-year) or House (if you’re an upperclassman) every week, or every few weeks, on an evening suitable for most people in your entryway (which refers to the floor where you live). Study breaks are awesome times to gather with other students in your entryway and unwind in the middle of a long week. Different study breaks have different selections, so it’s highly dependent on who your tutor/proctor is, and what the preferences are within the entryway, but you’re sure to find snacks like sushi, smoothies, ice cream, or whatever other surprises are catered for your study break!

  2. Late-Night Grilles: For students craving late-night mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, curly fries, and more, the House Grilles are the places to visit! Four Houses (Eliot, Dunster, Winthrop, Quincy, and Pfoho) all feature late-night grilles with lots of different options! Students are able to purchase food at these places with a wonderful currency known as BoardPlus (every student gets $65 per semester loaded on your Harvard ID Card). There’s nothing more satisfying after a long day than a nice chocolate milkshake and a basket of jalapeño poppers!

  3. Grocery Runs: There are a few grocery options near campus for students who want the freedom of grabbing whatever they want for snacks! In Harvard Square, CVS Pharmacy is the go-to spot for quick access to the basic selection of snack foods. For even more variety, students visit places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (short walks from campus), or Star Market (an awesome local supermarket just a subway stop away)!

  4. Free Food Events: Every day, various clubs will sponsor events that feature free snacks, or in some cases free meals! Students can keep track of these events through the Crimson’s daily email blog newsletter - clubs are generally open to new visitors stopping by for food, so these are great times to meet new people and learn more about cool clubs while grabbing a quick bite to eat!

  5. Campus Cafes: All around campus, you’ll find cafes (that also accept BoardPlus) that sell pastries, coffee, tea, sandwiches, chips, and other small snacks! When you’re on the go and need a little pick-me-up, cafes are the perfect places to grab a quick bite or a quick espresso boost. Cafes are particularly awesome because they’re usually great spots for camping out and studying before class, or just to take a rest before continuing with your day!


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Julius Class of Alumni

College student, Julius