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Trinh Class of '25
Authored on April 18, 2024


Biking along the Charles River


As the school year ends and everyone starts leaving campus for their much-deserved summer getaway, I dream of a romantic summer voyage. My summer home will be nestled in a serene neighborhood with a waterfront view. No, not Greece or the Bahamas. My summer expedition will be much more extravagant…. I’ll be staying right on campus.  

After spending the school year here, staying on campus over the summer was not the change in environment that I was expecting at first. However, after spending my previous summers in familiar Cambridge, I have come to appreciate the charms that campus life offers during the summer months.  

If you, like me, are staying around campus this summer (let’s please hang out), there are plenty of events to see, do, and explore around the area on a budget


- Farmers Markets: Embrace the vibrant spirit of summer by strolling through the local farmers' markets. Every Tuesday, Farmer’s Market at Harvard bursts to life with an array of fresh produce, delectable baked goods, and artisanal delights. Me and my friends’ Tuesday ritual was savoring in the Date Walnut Scone from Endurance Baking as we walked along the Charles River with our homemade matcha. When I am craving some fresh fruits, I love venturing out to Boston Haymarket, where I can get vegetables and fruits for under $4!  


- Get Creative with Ceramics: Amidst the summer internship or research hustle, expand your creativity and serenity in pottery classes offered through Harvard's Ceramics Program. Whether you are simply seeking for a therapeutic venture, just getting into pottery making, or a returning expert, these classes, often low-cost for undergraduates, offer a chance to wind down at the end of the day. Plus, you might get a vase to put your Farmer’s Market flowers in it!  


- Explore Cultural Gems around Boston: If you want to draw some inspiration for your ceramics project, consider immersing in the city’s rich culture. With free admissions to museums like the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts with your student ID, museum dates are a classic activity. Taking the free M2 shuttle will take you right next to the museums. For a fun intersection between technology and art, explore the new MIT Museum to check out modern work.  


- Catch a Ball Game: Take me out to the ballll gammeeee! The excitement of summer in Boston is attributed to a visit to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. With discounted student tickets starting at $9 and the free M2 shuttle to take you straight to the field, you can be energized by the electric atmosphere .  


- Enjoy Outdoor Movies and Events: The Boston night sky is truly so beautiful in the summer, especially when there are not a lot of heavy snowstorms or rainfalls. Wrap up your summer evenings with outdoor movies in the park with some blankets and Trader Joe’s snacks.  


Pet Therapy at Harvard Science Center Plaza
Pet Therapy at Harvard Science Center Plaza


- Adding Movement: The day-to-day routine of internships and research in the lab can feel sedentary, but Boston is the ideal place for outdoor movement. During the extended daylight hours of the summer, I love biking along the Charles River or joining group fitness classes at the Harvard Rec.  


-Day Trips and Beach Escapes: Day trips to nearby towns like Newburyport or Salem offer their own unique charm. And for those craving sun, sand, and sea, a quick ride on the T Blue Line will transport us to Revere Beach for a rejuvenating beach day. You have to check out the annual sand-castle sculpting contest!  


So while campus may not be the romantic beach summer vacation I was hoping, I have truly appreciated the quaint and serene environment of campus. Campus is still the vibrant place filled with friends and company, but without the added stress of schoolwork!


So…when is our next museum date? 


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Trinh Class of '25

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