Making Friends at Harvard

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Hannah Class of '25
Authored on November 20, 2022


We asked 8 Harvard students to share the fun and/or unexpected ways they made friends on campus. These stories show us just how many different opportunities we have found a sense of belonging and community here at Harvard.


Izumi V. '25

Izumi and two friends taking a selfie with their Mather House t-shirts

Izumi and friends on Housing Day

"I grew closer to one of my best friends on the steps of Widener during Freshman Orientation Week’s Legally Blonde movie night!"


Cameron H. '25

Cameron and five friends at a football stadium

Cameron and friends at Harvard-Yale

"From spontaneous conversations hour-long in the dining hall, to midnight hangouts in the laundry room, to my Yearbook family, I think my favourite experience of all has been while bonding over pain of the Covid vaccine we had both recently received. Here is where I made my first (and still best friend) on campus."


Isabel I. '23

The writer and her sister in their dorm

Isabel (right) and Juliet (left)

"I met some of my closest friends through AFVS (Art, Film, and Visual Studies) film classes, as a first year at Crimson Jam, and 22 years ago in a delivery room at MGH (Mass General Hospital) —i.e., a Harvard teaching hospital, where I first made the acquaintance of my twin sister Juliet (left). She is also part of the Class of 2023!"


Amanda S. '24

Amanda and a group of friends posing for a photo

Amanda and friends post-AADT performance

"I think joining AADT (Asian American Dance Troupe) is one of the most fun ways I've made friends!"


Olivia M. '26

Olivia posing in front of the Charles River

Olivia at the Charles River

"Instagram! This girl who is also a fellow member of the Class of 2026 reached out to me on Instagram when I was in the UK this summer. We took a weekend-getaway trip to Edinburgh together, had an incredible time, and have been great friends from a month before our freshman year till now :)"


Erika C. '26

Erika and a friend resting on the grass during frisbee practice

Erika and friends resting

"Through frisbee! Whether it be casually throwing a disc around in the yard, or attending a travel tournament in Maine, frisbee has allowed me to become friends with some of the kindest and most genuine people I know."


Trinh N. '25

"Building a snowman in the Yard during the winter storm!"


Michael Z. '25

Michael and his friend Henry posing in the snow

Henry and Michael in the snow

"I met Henry Bae '25 in the first week of school, when we bumped into each other while crossing Harvard Yard from neighboring dorms. Since he was from Florida and I was from California, we half-jokingly promised each other that we would experience our first snow days here together. A few months later, that's exactly what we did!" 


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Hannah Class of '25

Hi Everyone! My name is Hannah and I’m a sophomore living in Mather House. I plan to concentrate in East Asian Studies and am thinking of getting a language citation as well.

Hannah Gokongwei