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Hannah Class of '25
Authored on December 30, 2023


We asked nine Harvard students to tell us about the extracurricular activities and clubs they are involved in. Here are some great examples of the diverse array of spaces you could meet new friends, explore your interests, and feel at home here at Harvard!

Khanh ‘25

The affinity groups! Everyone is proud of who they are, and everyone wants to foster an inclusive environment. Getting involved in an affinity group means having a built-in community of friends and mentors who will certainly elevate your college experience.

A large group of students from the Hawai'i Club posing for a photograph
Photo Credits: Harvard Undergraduate Hawai'i Club Instagram

Adriana ‘26

A club that you should join is the Hawai'i Club! Even if you are not from Hawai'i and just want to understand the culture/place a little more, it is a great space. 


two students posing with their paintings
Photo Credits: Harvard Undergraduate Tibetan Cultural Association Instagram

Kawsar ‘26

Everyone should join the Harvard Undergraduate Tibetan Cultural Association. This summer I had the chance to go to India and see the Tibetan government in-exile with them.


Two college students and a young boy
Photo Credits: Harvard Undergraduates Raising Autism Awareness Website

David ‘25

Harvard Undergraduates Raising Autism Awareness: A great opportunity to help children with autism in the Boston area make new friendships!


Screenshot of the flyby blog home page in December 2023
Screenshot from Flyby Blog in December 2023

Tina ‘24

Flyby Blog, the Blog of The Harvard Crimson, has been my home for the entirety of my college career. It's a warm family of funny and amazingly talented writers, and together we publish chaotic journalism that reminds me to see the humor in everything!


Four students smiling and surrounding a table with artworks
Photo credits: Marin '26

Marin ‘26

If you enjoy making and learning about art and finding hidden gems of the Harvard and Boston arts scene, join the Harvard Undergraduate Art History Society! Our museum trips and events are free and open to students of any and all concentrations and interests. 


Eight students posing for a group photo
Photo credits: Marin '26

Lucas ’25

Harvard Entrepreneurship Society: attend scintillating dinners and meet founders from around the world. 

Harvard AI Safety Team: I’m not even fully in it, but I think trying to save the world from evil AI is a great cause. 

AACF: a fun and faithful group of friends


Three boys posing for a photograph on a subway
Photo credits: David '27

David ‘27

If you're pre-med, the pre-med society and especially the community care collective is a great way to connect with other pre-meds!


Students posing for a group photo holding certificates and a gavel
Photo credits: HIMUN Website

Desiree ‘24

The Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations team is a group of students on campus who are passionate about international issues and foreign policy. It’s a great group to join in order to think about why policy is the way that it is around the globe and how different countries think about issues. Furthermore, it’s really just a great group of people who are enthusiastic about what they do and have lots of fun doing it. 


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Hannah Class of '25

Hi Everyone! My name is Hannah and I’m a junior in Mather House. I am concentrating in East Asian Studies!

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