Lamont Library: Library Café, Farnsworth Room, Poetry Room, and Media Lab

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Ebony Class of '24
Authored on November 13, 2022


Harvard’s Lamont Library was the first library in the United States specifically designed for undergraduates.

Lamont Library was constructed in 1949 when 1892 Harvard alumnus, Thomas W. Lamont, donated a whopping $1.5 million to the Harvard Library system in 1945. Although Lamont never lived to see the library itself completed, Lamont Library stands today as the centerpiece of the Harvard Yard and welcoming space for all students. The eight-floor building is not just home to library services, though. Its most hidden gem is the Lamont Library Café.

The Lamont Library Café is a social spot for library patrons and a great place to enjoy a snack. Harvard students usually staff the Café throughout the school year, and serve an assortment of coffees, lattes, and pastries. 

The Café is open to any Harvard affiliate or library patron. The ceiling-high windows are tinted, one-way glass that makes the Café feel cozy even as people walk through the yard. Computer desktops are available for those who prefer to work while they sip on their lattes. Then of course, there is a vending machine! Alongside the variety of snack options is a line of desktop computers that make printing at Harvard that much easier. The Café is also home to recreational activities like board games and almost every famous periodical and magazine. Publications decided by students are displayed on the Café wall, just waiting to be read. 

desks and chairs in lamont library

When patrons have fueled up in the café, two Lamont hotspots satisfy all types of creatives. First is the Henry Weston Farnsworth Room, home to mysteries, science fiction, and other bestselling collections. It is notable for its vast Harry Potter collection and Marvel comic books. 

chairs surrounding a table with books in the background

Second is the poetry room, where poetry of all subjects is celebrated. Patrons find solace in this peaceful environment, but most are shocked to find built-in record player stations welcoming them for a tune. These stations come with headphones and any record can be played and enjoyed personally, with the help of Lamont library staff. 

a room full of books and desks

Lamont even has its own media lab specialized in creative forms of media. The lab offers poster printing, scanning, and even has library staff to assist patrons with individual creative projects. 

a picture of a sign saying "media lab"

two people looking closely at a painting of a face

It’s clear that Lamont library is a great study place, snack spot, and creative hotspot. All class years are welcome through its doors.

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