April Showers Bring May Finals

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Silvana Gomez Class of '21
Authored on April 19, 2019


The middle to end of April has to be the most exciting and most difficult time on campus.

Lucky for all admitted students, Mother Nature knows just when to make things pretty in time for VISITAS - our admitted students weekend. Unlucky for all current students, this is nearing the time when final deadlines start creeping in. Whether it is a research paper or a Stat104 exam, we cannot afford to bask in the sun for too long before we really need to get to work.

April brings with it beautiful greenery and a warmth that makes you want to lay outside with your friends all day. We definitely would! Last year, my friends and I would lay out for hours in the sun taking turns at who gets up to buy lime and strawberry popsicles at CVS. Bring out that bed sheet that is not being used, a charged speaker, and all your favorite people to enjoy the fact that Cambridge was finally warming up. The Ben & Jerry's food truck was out- the true sign that Spring has sprung! After a long winter, this was exactly the type of self-care we all needed.

This only lasted so long as we all had 4 different final assignments. I had 2 exams to study for, 1 presentation to make, and 1 final paper to complete. Still, I could not bring myself to get inside and do work with the sun still shining. In the process of debating how long I could procrastinate all my work, I stumbled on my favorite study spot to date: The Science Center Plaza and Memorial Hall steps have some tables that are put out when the weather gets nice on campus. Personally, the tables on Memorial Hall are my favorite, but they're in high demand so they're not always the easiest to get. If you're lucky, you can get the one with a direct view to Widener library where dozens of students are both working and enjoying the above 60 degree weather. These study spots gave me the best of both worlds: I got to be productive while also laying out in the sun with my popsicles.

student studying outside with text that reads: 'Living my best life'

Finding your signature study spot is a milestone of your college career. These tables, though, only come in handy for about 5 weeks out of the year before Cambridge starts transitioning into brisk afternoons or before we have to leave campus for the summer. Luckily, I've found a couple other spots for when there are inches of snow covering the places I'd usually take advantage of. During fall semester finals week, you can find me at a table in the Harvard Law School library working away on papers or projects. I love having beautiful views while I study or do work, so the Law School's interior definitely competes with the view of Widener on the steps. Other times, when I want to be a bit more loud or do work with some friends, I will take a booth inside the Science Center library. But I will choose a seat outside any day if the weather permits!

Everyone loves when the weather gets nice on campus. It is one of the happiest, most lively times on campus. I'm glad I found a way to enjoy the beautiful weather while also being productive!

Silvana Gomez Class of '21

Hello! My name is Silvana Gomez, and I am a sophomore living in the best house on campus, Mather House.

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