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Samia Afrose Class of '25
Authored on June 09, 2023


Dear Class of 2023,

As a freshman, I admired you all from a distance as I witnessed and heard about your impressive achievements - I considered you all my mentors. But as a sophomore, you all became more than mentors to me, many even beyond friends - you became my family.

Aisha Abdelhamid and Heba Mohamed at Arab Commencement

Aisha Abdelhamid and Heba Mohamed at Arab Commencement

Although I live in Lowell House, you provided me with a second home on campus, Leverett House. This home provided me with a futon to sleep on, kittens who woke me up at 6am, and an extra closet of dresses to choose from. There was the TV where we watched Bollywood movies every weekend, and I was on napkin duty while you cried during Aashiqui 2. There was also the couch we studied on while listening to the Quran, and of course, the rug we sat on as we played Uno and Cards Against Humanity for hours. Leverett was the place I got closer to old friends and made memories with new friends. Your selflessness and optimism brought constant comfort and ease.

As someone who recently became a computer science concentrator, there was a lot to catch up on, which consequently caused a lot of stress. However, I was fortunate enough to have you take the time to help me through my PSETs, host study sessions before exams, help me pick my classes and remain patient with me during office hours. I am going to miss our lunches together after CS 20 in Winthrop House and our conversations in the meditation room. Your intellectual guidance and criticism both challenged me and supported me as I embarked on this unfamiliar journey. Your encouragement and honesty brought me reassurance and alleviated my doubts.

Graduating Seniors with their College Diploma

Graduating Seniors with their College Diploma

Of course, who other than my senior friend is going to remind me about my five weekly problem sets, isolate all day at the Innovation Labs with me to study, and watch Indian Matchmaking together? You always make me laugh whether it is through your jokes, the Instagram reels we send each other, or the podcasts you make in your free time. Your humbleness and high spirit always bring positive energy to the spaces you enter.

Seniors at the Society of Arab Students Send Off

Seniors at Society of Arab Students Send Off

There were seniors who stayed up all night to cook suhoor and make sure those who were fasting were fed. There were seniors who always took the time to read our papers and provided us with feedback no matter how short of notice we asked them. There were seniors who spent hours listening to our complaints, stories, and accomplishments despite them having work to do. There were seniors who spent countless days and nights assembling speeches, posters, booths, and whatever else was necessary for their events and conferences. The multifaceted talents and skills of the seniors are truly demonstrated through their academics, extracurricular activities, and beyond.

Malika Umar and Samia Afrose Celebrating Eid-al-Fitr

Malika Umar and Samia Afrose Celebrating Eid-al-Fitr

You all have been there for me at both my highest and lowest moments and I will forever appreciate that. Not only have you been there for me, but you have encouraged me to become more knowledgeable in my culture and history as a child of Bangladeshi immigrants and enhance my connection to my faith as a Muslim. I would like to say that all of the recently graduated seniors have made such a large impact on the undergraduates at Harvard and beyond in one way or another, and we recognize all the hard work you have done and continue to do from supporting you as you spend long nights drinking Celsius while writing your senior thesis to glamming up for yearbook and graduation photos. Thank you for your love and support, and good luck in your journey as you continue to guide and inspire future generations. This is not a goodbye, but simply a see you later.

Congratulations Class of 2023!


Samia Afrose


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Samia Afrose Class of '25

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