Somehow Summer is Basically Over

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Claire Class of '21 Alumni
Authored on July 31, 2020


I don’t know how I woke up and suddenly the summer is basically over, but here we are.

With this past week came the end of July, something I definitely wasn’t expecting. Somehow, I’ve found myself essentially at the beginning of a new school year. With pre-orientation programs starting soon (quick plug for the First Year Retreat & Experience program!) and virtual shopping week coming up after that, I think the school year is definitely upon us. For me, this both very exciting and mildly terrifying – there is school supply shopping to be done, which is probably one of my favorite things about a new school year, but also my senior year is starting, which is a little scary (how am I this old?). In other words, highs and lows. 

Back to the school supply shopping - I cannot emphasize enough how much I love it. I’m convinced there are few feelings better than walking into Staples ready to get the stuff that will get me through the next year, and college has definitely been no exception to this. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I did read something once that suggested that buying stationary or office supplies is so soothing because it creates the illusion of productivity – maybe that’s what it is. Either way, I am very excited for this round of school shopping, because hopefully it’ll let me add some cheer to my makeshift desk at home (yes, I’m looking at you, virtual senior fall).

On another note, it’s pretty wild that I’m somehow beginning my senior year at Harvard. Not particularly that I never thought I’d get here – I was definitely at least hoping I’d make it – but it seems a little shocking that it got here this fast.


Where did all the time go?


Not to be cliché, but I really kind of wish I’d known that I’d be missing out on some of the freedom and traditions that come with not having a global pandemic interrupt your senior year – more on this another time. 

Regardless, summer is coming to an end whether we want it to or not, so I’m trying to make the most of my socially-distanced version before I have to start doing school again!

a s'more in front of a fire

S'mores in the Fire Pit with my Family!

Claire Hoffman

S'mores in the Fire Pit with my Family - Hopefully this can continue even after summer officially ends.
Claire Hoffman


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Claire Class of '21 Alumni

Portrait of Claire