Winter Wonderland: Harvard Student Edition

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Samia Afrose Class of '25
Authored on January 15, 2024


Are you worried about not being able to do anything because of the snow and cold? Have no fear because I have a list of places you can visit while enjoying the Winter season.

  1. Boston Commons
People ice-skating in Frog Pond
Picture Credit:

Enjoy the beautifully decorated trees covered in lights throughout Boston Common, as people of all ages ice skate on Frog Pond.

  1. Snowport
Small businesses lined up next to each other with lights surrounding them
Picture Credit: Boston Magazine

In Seaport, you will see festive lights hovering over many small businesses you can explore with friends! Markets include clothes, jewelry, candles, and more. There are also many food options to choose from - my favorites are their grilled cheese and hot chocolate. 

  1. Harvard Book Store
The Harvard Book Store
Picture Credit: The Harvard Book Store | Facebook

The Harvard Bookstore will catch your eye in the wintertime as it is decorated with lights and ornaments and will have you feeling like you are in a Hallmark movie. You may also find a good read for the nights you stay in!

  1. L.A. Burdick
Inside of L.A. Burdick
Picture Credit: Charles Cherney Team at Compass

After sledding down Widener steps or having a snowball fight in Harvard Yard, what is a better way to warm up than sipping on rich, hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick?

  1. Science Center Plaza
Students eating marshmallows around the bonfire at Science Center Plaza
Picture Credit: Boston Magazine | Facebook

Finally, we have to finish off with a Harvard exclusive: the fire pits in Science Center Plaza. Every winter, Harvard puts out its fire pits, games, and smores kits for students to enjoy in the cold evenings. 


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