A Glimpse at the Multitudes of Black Harvard Students: Part 2

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Photo of Unique Hodge
Authored on March 26, 2022


This is part two of the four part portrait series showcasing the experiences of Black students on Harvard's campus. What makes Harvard such a special place are the people who make up our community. This week, meet nine more Black Harvard students who better Harvard's community everyday.

Black Harvard students are athletes, leaders, artists, and we contain multitudes.

A grid of 9 portraits of students

Halima Badri '23

Portrait of female student looking off to the right t
  • Concentration: Psychology
  • Campus activities: Peer Advising Fellow, Crimson Key Society, WHRB Harvard Radio Station, Response Peer Counseling, Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe
  • Fun Fact: I've never broken a bone

Aissata Bah '24

Portrait of student pointing at camera
  • Concentration: Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality & History and Literature
  • Campus activities: The Association of Black Harvard Women
  • Fun Fact: I have four siblings
  • Favorite Place on Campus: The Innovation Labs


Daylan Davis '25

Photo of female student smiling
  • Concentration: Government and a Secondary in Theatre, Dance, and Media
  • Campus activities: Crimson Dance Team, Eleganza, Expressions, Harvard College Faith and Action, Harvard Christians on Campus, Soulfood
  • Fun Fact: My most recent obsessions are Euphoria and Encanto
  • Favorite Class at Harvard: GOV30: American Government - A New Perspective
  • Favorite Place on Campus: Weld Solarium


Marissa Joseph '23

Portrait of female student smiling looking up and to the right
  • Concentration: History and Literature
  • Campus activities: Association of Black Harvard Women, The Harvard Crimson, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellow
  • Favorite Class at Harvard: GENED 1019: The Caribbean Crucible


Unique Hodge '22

Portrait of female student winking
  • Concentration: Integrative Biology
  • Campus activities: Co-founder of Oak Systems
  • Fun Fact: I've had locks for 1.5 years
  • Favorite Class at Harvard: HEB 1328: Evolutionary Medicine
  • Favorite Place on Campus: My bed


Demya Toogood '23

Portrait of female student smiling holding a strawberry earring
  • Concentration: Economics
  • Campus activities: Harvard Model United Nations, Scholars of Finance
  • Fun Fact: I don’t know how to drive nor do I know how to use public transportation
  • Favorite Class at Harvard: First-year Seminar: US Energy Policy and Climate Change
  • Favorite Place on Campus: Student Organization Center at Hilles penthouse


Walter Ohams '23

Male student smiling
  • Concentration: Applied Math
  • Campus activities: BlackCast, College Events Board


RuQuan Brown '24

Male student smiling wearing beanie that says Love
  • Concentration: Linguistics
  • Campus activities: Harvard Student Agencies, Poetry
  • Fun Fact: I was born with 12 fingers


Char Deslandes '22

Portrait of female student puckering lips
  • Concentration: History and Literature and an Ethnicity, Migration, Rights Secondary
  • Campus activities: President Emerita HCC, Fig Magazine Chief Business Director
  • Fun Fact: I eat mayo & bbq sauce with 85% of my meals
  • Favorite Class at Harvard: AFRAMER 109Y: Social Justice and the Documentary Film
  • Favorite Place on Campus: The Charles River


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