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Samia Afrose Class of '25
Authored on January 14, 2024


As we begin the new year, the time calls to reflect on 2023 - specifically the food places I tried. I present to you my Fall 2023 food wrapped. 

Yafa Bakery

Dessert from Yafa Bakery
Picture Credit: @yafabakerycafe | Instagram

This Palestinian cafe presents some of the most delicious and eye-catching desserts and pastries of Palestine. Some of the tasteful options include Kunafah cream, Mamoul dates, Yafa Biscotti, Kataifi, and Baklava. Be sure to try their chai as well! Not only is this cafe loved and supported by many students in the Harvard community, but also by former Harvard President Larry Bacow! You can check out Yafa Bakery’s appreciation post for the Harvard Community, and former Harvard President Larry Bacow and his family here

Vester Cafe

Coffee from Vester Cafe
Picture Credit: @vestercafe | Instagram

This female-owned and operated cafe has a unique aesthetic and serves some of the best chai. This is a great spot for studying or simply catching up with a friend. I recommend their Hong Kong milk tea with lavender.

Brookline Lunch

Kanafeh pancakes from Brookline lunch
Picture Credit: @brookline.lunch | Instagram

I do not think I can ever stop talking about Brookline Lunch. This popular, comforting brunch place is known for its famous baklava and kanafeh pancakes. Their food is so good you will often catch a long line outside even in the cold! In addition to the pancakes I highly recommend their Za’atar egg bowl and (put another dish name here). The service is amazing and the family that owns the place is extremely hospitable and sweet. One unique aspect of the place is that on your first visit, you can write your name anywhere with a marker. When you enter you will see the walls and seats of the brunch place covered in the names of the people who visited - it truly encapsulates the community and support for Brookline Lunch. When planning to go keep in mind that they take cash only!

Jaho Coffee Roaster

Coffee from Jaho Coffee
Picture Credit: @jahocofee | Instagram

Jaho Coffee has been my go-to spot since my sophomore year. There are many locations throughout the Boston/ Cambridge area and a great spot to both catch up with a friend and get productive work done. They also have unique, delicious drinks including South Asian-inspired Iced Kulfi latte, strawberry matcha latte, turmeric matcha latte, and my favorite coconut chai latte.

Life Alive Organic Cafe

Salad and coffee from Life Alive Cafe
Picture Credit: @lifealivecafe | Instagram

Recently I have been into bowls and Life Alive has healthy, filling, and refreshing salad and grain bowls that give you the energy you need to get through the day. The vibe of the cafe is very vibrant and cheerful and there is one located right in Harvard Square, as well as throughout the greater Boston area!

Andala Cafe

Food from Andala Cafe
Picture Credit: @andalacoffeehouse | Instagram

This Palestinian restaurant serves dishes rich in flavors. Some of their dishes include shawarma, falafel plate, hummus and chicken platter, and knafeh. The restaurant is very comforting and cozy and is open very late, which is great for those late-night studies over a cup of tea.

Blank Street Coffee

Matcha latte from Blank Street.
Picture Credit: @blankstreet | Instagram

This Muslim-owned coffee shop is what got me through Reading Period for finals. Their extremely fast service was perfect for a quick grab-and-go to the library to study as it is conveniently located in Harvard Square. Some of the drinks they serve are strawberries and cream latte, matcha latte, and rose chai latte.

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